Live_bettingOk you seen what this service says about my best bets. I say, best bets are not average plays for damn good reason. There are times when everyone needs to make some extra money for something ASAP, like a unforeseen medical bill, job loss, graduation, wedding, anniversary, vacation, new car, Christmas gifts, buying a home or whatever. That’s exactly what best bets are for!

Sometimes when you have a few too many setbacks and need to get money back due to your bankroll taking a hit, this is where best bets make the difference of still making a lot of money. Even if going through a average season or tough season, best bets have got you where you needed to be financially. All professional bettors that do this for a living and high rollers bet less games than novice sports bettors and therefore always look for plays to make a ton of money on. The sharpest players are successful simply because they choose to make larger wagers on solid plays with a 99.9 percent chance to win instead of taking too many excessive chances on average rated plays. All pros bet hundreds of thousands on only solid plays, none bet on toss up games. It’s just not worth trading wins and losses on average games and end up going nowhere. Quality beats quantity, if you only bet solid plays you’ll make money and keep going in the right direction. You bet any play based on probability of outcome.

Knowing this fact, then best bets have been incredible. You can’t expect anything better. If you tried betting against all my best bets, you won 24 times, but you lost 268 times. That is not a winning formula. You must be realistic, it’s not too smart to wait on some sort of miracle that can make you more money then best bets. If you hammered even half the best bets you made a fortune. You can’t hammer regular plays when realistically most only have a 60% chance to win at best, you must factor in the point spread since it’s the great equalizer. Every best bet has a 99.9% to win. What’s riskier? If someone doesn’t benefit from best bets, what more can I do? I do everything I possibly can. I can’t make sportsbooks post low lines on rock solid plays. I’ve always won at a high rate in every sport since this service began, I don’t think I can do better than I have. I show you how solid certain plays are by posting best bets already won before they take place. I should seriously change the name from best bet to million dollar play or something better so everyone understands how solid they are! These days many in the industry call all their plays a best bet so many don’t understand the difference. I don’t charge members for best bets, all of them have always been given away for free in all member pages. If you happen to know something else that makes as much money as you possibly want as consistently as best bets, please let us know. There is a right way and wrong way to do anything, you are going to sweat either way, so you should play correctly and give yourself every opportunity to win as much money as possible.

The best bet advice use to say, wager half your bankroll in times when you really need to try and make a large amount of cash fast. However, the owner of this service promotes responsible gambling and edited my advice about best bets in all member sections. I totally understand, but I also know it’s easy for the wealthy owner to give that advice, in the real world sometimes you’re forced to do what you have to do. Taking wild risks is one thing, taking calculated risks is a whole different story. If you want to try and nickel and dime those sportsbooks out of their money in a tough season, that’s your choice, if you want to hammer regular plays, good luck. You can hammer best bets and make as much money as you want to make. Even though nothing is flawless or a sure thing, it does not have to be perfect, as long as you hammer them the same you won’t get hurt, I’ve always won more then I lost. It’s still important to never bet more then half your bankroll on any play and risk starting over, after all 24 best bets have lost since 1999 which shows nothings fool proof. Members that bet all best bets have won as much money as they ever wanted. Those that listened to my advice on best bets made a fortune! You and you alone control your own destiny on how much money you make by the choices made from your own beliefs. The lifestyle you currently live is based on what you believe is true.

Sportsbooks make the lines, all of us sports bettors still get the choice of playing or not playing any side based on the line sportsbooks provide. Having said that, often times sportsbooks do not make lines -110 on really strong fight picks that will beat them as if it’s just a regular basketball or football game they are making a line for. So you can not expect the line to be -110 on the strongest plays possible. If you want to win a ton of money you can’t let the line chase you off the plays that are so good they are as close to legalized stealing as your ever going to get in the sports betting world. Sportsbooks basically tip their hand on how solid some plays are based on the line they post. I told you “good things ain’t cheap and cheap things ain’t good.” You still have to pick your spots, not all plays with high lines have a 99.9% chance to win like best bets.

Sportsbooks have 3 ways to protect themselves. #1. Make higher lines on real solid plays that are likely to beat them to chase off the public. #2. They limit how much you can bet to prevent themselves from getting hurt with huge wagers. #3. Not post any line at all on certain plays. We’re all very lucky they post lines on good ones. If your sportsbook only allows limited action, you can open betting accounts at many sportsbooks, then you can get more money on plays and get the best lines like all pros.

Professional sports services and those that bet for a living do not bet or give plays everyday, winning is too important. If this service only cared about sales, they would give plays every day and would not turn off the buy now buttons all the time. This services buy now buttons are turned off at least 3 months out of the year so they can focus on current members only. We do whatever it takes to make you money. Other services do whatever it takes to make sales. The only reason anyone gives plays every single day is to make sales, not because they have solid plays that will benefit you. By many always screaming they have blowout winners each week is exactly why novice bettors think playing many times each week is what your supposed to do. How much money do you have put away from playing like that all of these years? Admit it, playing like that has gotten you nowhere. Anyone can win some games, but that means very little since you must win more then you lose consistently to make money. All sportsbooks dare you to try and beat them on a daily basis. Those that take on the 800 pound gorilla everyday never show a profit at the end of the year. Now you know why this service does not give plays everyday. Making substantial money requires discipline and patients. When it’s going good, you play, when it’s not, you must be smart enough to wait for the right opportunities. Winning is more fun then losing or just having action on a game.

Last but not least, we’ve seen every type of gambler over the years, high rollers, serious pros, celebrities, novices and of coarse action junkies that never succeed because they want to bet everyday. Everyone bets sports for different reasons. Members that are serious about making as much money as possible on best bets and want real honest advice on what to do based on their current situation are welcome to call me at 702-306-8365. You only live once, so there’s never any reason to give up on your dreams. Making big money is certainly not rocket science, you just need to take some carefully planned out calculated risks. Know matter what type of investor anyone is, every investor takes chances, everyone that is wealthy took some risks to get where they are. Fact: All you even have to do to be successful in this world is simply make enough correct decisions, that’s all there is to it! Then nothing can stop you from making enough money to live the lifestyle you deserve. I always say, you don’t need to be a millionaire to live the good life, you only need to make more money then you spend. Your financial future is often determined by most of the decisions you made in the past. Best bets will make you as much money as you ever want. There is only one that can walk on water and it’s certainly not me. I may not be able to walk on water or perform miracles, but I do show everyone how to make a fortune! Best bets have been as close to a miracle most have ever witnessed. Many experience some kind of situation at some point in their life that shows exactly how important best bets really are eventually. If something ever goes south on you, we got you covered.

Wise Guys experts suggest betting favorites early as possible since the public usually play favorites and move the lines. Bet underdogs late to get the best lines. Every season is very different, which means most times everyone must adjust the way they handicap games some months to beat sportsbooks. It can make the difference of a great or average year. We invite you to give us a try. For free winners check out our free sports picks and free boxing & UFC picks section. Remember, when you bet like a pro, you’ll get paid like a pro!